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I created this community this morning after chatting with [personal profile] lotesse. We've been commiserating lately over the lack of serious discussion of queerness wrt the Sherlock Holmes canon (especially in academia or old-school Sherlockian circles), and we've both been posting about that sort of stuff on our own journals, so it seemed like a good opportunity to set up a community to encourage those sorts of discussions and give them a home.

I see this community as being somewhere that we can post thoughtful fannish meta, academic discussion, and everything in between. The community profile suggests some possible areas of discussion:

* history of homosexuality in the Holmesian era
* queer interpretations of the text
* reviews of related books/articles/etc
* close readings/recs/reviews of pastiches/fanworks in light of queer history/theory/etc
* investigations of gender/masculinity/etc in Sherlock Holmes
* discussions of eg. orientalism, colonialism, class or other related subjects/approaches

(Please feel free to pick apart that list, suggest other things to add to it, or whatever. It's just what I came up with on the spur of the moment.)

One thing I'd really love this community to do is build a bibliography/reading list/reviews of books, articles, etc that are relevant to Sherlock Holmes and queerness. To that end, I'm going to create a post just after this one where we can start doing that. If you make any other posts along those lines (book reviews/recs, that sort of thing) please tag them "bibliography".


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