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I'm [personal profile] lotesse, feminist, geek, and Victorianist. Like [personal profile] damned_colonial, I don't have a terribly long history with Sherlock Holmes: I read some stories as a kid, didn't think much of them, and then saw the movie over Christmas. Since then I've also eaten the Granada series, which I think I like rather better than she does.

I'm currently finishing the first year of study towards a PhD in Victorian literature with a focus on gender issues, so it's been exciting having Holmes as a conduit between my fannish life and my academic one. I've been banging my head a bit against the Way Victorian Scholarship Deals With ACD, though!

I've been in and out of historical fandoms for a while, and I got my start in hobbitslash, which is pretty much alt!Edwardian, but this whole being able to use journal articles for slash porn thing is pretty new and exciting for me.
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Please feel free to introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your interest in this community.

Speaking for myself... I identify as a fan and as an amateur history nerd. Most of my fandoms -- at least, those that I am most deeply involved in -- are historical fandoms, and I enjoy learning and thinking about the history of the periods in which they are set. When it comes to history, I lean most towards social history, especially women's history and queer history, and I'm fascinated by the similarities and differences between Britain and its colonies during the colonial period. As far as Sherlock Holmes is concerned, I read the books and enjoyed them years ago but didn't fall head-first into the fandom until the 2009 movie came out. Since then I have been immersing myself in reading every related thing I can find, especially about homosexual subculture in late-Victorian London. (Previously, my main historical fandoms centred around the Royal Navy during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.) I don't have an academic background but I enjoy reading and discussing scholarly texts with smart, interested people, and I'm hoping this community will give me more opportunities to do that.


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